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As a member you will receive a copy of our annual journal 'Records & Recollections'. This usually appears in the Autumn.

It contains local history articles, news and other matters of interest to members.

Records and RecolectionsWe are very much aware of the fact that as the older members of any community die, they take with them their memories of their lives and that of their communities. One purpose of our journal is to try to capture the recollections of local people so they are recorded for posterity. Is this something that you, as a Society member, could help with?

Perhaps you will have your own memories or historical documents or photographs that you would be willing to share with our journal editor or you know someone else who could be encouraged to do so.

We welcome the contribution of local history articles and memoirs, as well as photographs and other illustrations, concerning places, people, buildings, events and other items of local interest to our area. Contributions are only published with the author's permission. Original pictures and photographs are borrowed to be digitally scanned before they are returned to their owners.

Don’t worry if you have material that is not in a form that can be published immediately. We can help with preparing any articles if you wish.

Alternatively you might be willing to talk to our journal editor about your memories that can then be written up as an article for Records & Recollections.

Should you wish to contribute an article or discuss a topic of interest there is an email link to the editor on the 'Contact' page.

The current editions of "Records and Recollections" are sent only to members and are not available on the web. You can access past editions, when available, using the links on this page.





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