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Free entry to the Society's historic lectures

Free bi-annual local history journal

Free guided local history walks

Free access to the Society's archives

A great opportunity to meet and discuss local history with like-minded people

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Subscriptions are:  £10 per single member and £15 for 2 members living at the same address.

Welcome to the Aln and Breamish Local History Society

The Aln and Breamish Local History Society acts as a focus for all those interested in the many aspects of local history in North Northumberland but particularly in the areas through which the river Breamish and the upper reaches of the river Aln flow, hence our Society's name.

The areas covered by the Society

In very broad terms, the Society aims to cover the local history of an area south of Wooler; east of the Scottish border; north of Rothbury and west of Alnwick.

At the northern end of our "patch", the Society covers the settlements, both large and small along the Breamish Valley and adjacent areas.  This includes the local history of places such as Linhope; Ingram; Brandon; Branton; Hedgeley; Powburn; Titlington and Beanley.

The central part of our local history area includes the Cheviot Hills eastwards towards Alnham and then follows the settlements in proximity to the river Aln such as Prendwick; Unthank; Great and Little Ryle; Yetlington; Eslington; Callaly; Whittingham; Glanton; Shawdon; Bolton; Broome Park; Learchild; Abberwick and East Bolton.

The southern part of the Society's principle area of local history interest covers the high moors to the north of the river Coquet commencing with places such as Alwinton and Harbottle in Upper Coquetedale; Sharperton; Burradon; Biddlestone, Netherton; Trewhitt; Lorbottle; Snitter; Cartington; Thrunton; Edlingham; Lemmington and Rugley.

The above is only an indication of the places we try to cover in terms of local history but are not set in stone and our members quite often research adjacent areas as well, depending upon their particular interests.

The Society is keen to encourage research and to solicit documents, images and articles covering these places, local buildings, local events, local families and other more general subjects such as farming and schooling.

If you feel you would be interested in participating then please consider contacting us and becoming a member of the Society, although contributions from non-members are also welcomed.  The benefits of membership are summarised on the panel to the right and on subsequent web-pages.

Whittingham Church 1950 Whittingham Church c. 1903


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