Records and Recollections of the Aln and Breamish Valleys

This 350 page book contains a selection of articles from the journal of the Aln and Breamish Local History Society over a period of around 40 years.

It consists of eleven chapters covering Schools and schooldays; Churches and other religious institutions; Trades and occupations; Farming; Leisure; People; Law and order; Travel and transport; Wartime; as well as more general articles on Glanton, Whittingham, and other places in the Aln and Breamish area.

There are almost 100 articles, originally published between about 1970 and 2010. The memories recorded here go back to the early years of the twentieth century and there is research from Roman times onwards. In addition to these valuable and interesting texts, there are more than fifty historic photographs illustrating the book.

Records And Recollections of  the  Aln and Breamish Valleys, selected and edited by Bridget Winstanley, ISBN 978-1-5272-0941-1 is published by Clays Ltd. for the Aln and Breamish Local History Society.

Nov 26, 2023
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